Mining on mobile platforms

A new human mining application is designed for mobile platforms (Android is first targeted platform).

The application is based on Facileminer, but it is redesigned (without changing current POW algorithm) as a game for mobile platforms, with different and more appealing interface, with simpler rules, faster gratification, more dynamism, etc. The target is a mobile game able to "pay for real" successful players. The game can be further redesigned after initial deployment, with different look, different rules, while still being able to generate POWs.

The mobile application isn't designed to run as a full node/wallet on Android, instead it will connect to a gateway service hosted by volunteer operators.

The gateway manages most of the coin chain operations while the mobile application only acts as POW solver and holds a cryptographic secret (for player payment wallet, ID, global authorization, etc), the same a regular cryptocoin mining pool works.

The gateway also manages the mobile game token system for its player base, as for example, small number of free game tokens distributed to new players or distributed daily, or bought by players for faster advancement/higher reward/time slots, etc.

The gateway also manages conversion from game tokens to FCN and then to other cryptocoins.

Gateways are rewarded a portion of the positive balance they generate.

In order to avoid misbehaving, somehow similar with implementation in other cryptocoins, gateways have to deposit and hold as collateral a quantity of FCN proportional with its projected player base.

Most of the running parameters of a gateway are free to be set by the gateway owner, between predefined bounds.

The gateways management (as adding, removing, side payments, disputes) is done trough a centralized service operated by the game publisher. The game publisher also manages those platform operations which cannot be delegated to gateways.

Since it is expected that weight of the mining will move on mobile platforms / mobile gateways, combined with expected difficulty increase, mining trough mobile gateways will generate a "POS like" new coin generation scheme without the requirement of actually implementing POS in core.

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