How to mine Facilecoins

Download binaries for Windows or Linux.
Unzip and start facilecoind ('facilecoind - daemon') or facilecoin-qt ('facilecoin-qt -server').

It may be required to create a facilecoin.conf file in the folder where the wallet is stored which is '.facilecoin' in home directory under Linux.
Open the folder with 'explorer %appdata%' command under Windows.

The facilecoin.conf file should contain two lines, first line: 'rpcuser=someuser' and the second one: 'rpcpassword=somepassword', without quotes and replacing 'someuser' and 'somepassword' with a chosen username/password combination.

Wait facilecoind or the wallet to synchronize with facilecoin network.

Create a new file facileminer.conf in the same folder with facile_miner executable.
Again, add two lines to facileminer.conf, the previously chosen username (only the username this time, no 'rpcuser=') on first line and the chosen password (only password) on second line.

Open facile_miner executable.

Start solving the puzzle by moving squares in empty spaces or swapping squares looking to get all shapes "greened".

Square matching rules (greening):
- any straight shape (feature) on a square will match another straight shape on opposite side of a square on next row or column
- any arc-like shape on a square will match another opposite shape on a square at one row/column distance (big arc-like shapes) or two rows/columns (small arc-like shapes)
- shapes will always match border if border is next (straight shapes), at one square distance or less (big arcs) or at two squares distance or less (small arcs)

When value of S field reaches 0 (which means all squares are greened), puzzle is solved, solution is automatically submitted and the block rewards is added to your wallet.
The new minted coins will require several confirmations (new blocks to be mined) before they will be available for spending.

If puzzle seems unsolvable, request a new puzzle via "New Game" button.

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